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Ethiopia Musa Abulalesa

Ethiopia Musa Abulalesa

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Tasting Notes: tangerine, bergamot, creamy

Musa Abulelessa and his two brothers, Mustefa and Gugu, all own small farms in the Gomma region of Agaro—with Musa and Mustefa operating two farms together outside of Beshasha called Koye and Chanko. Before the undergrowth was cleared for coffee, Musa and Mustefa’s jungle parcel at 2100 meters elevation was a hideout for their father, Abalulessa, a guerilla fighting the oppressive military government of the time called The Derg. Musa uses organic methods on his farm and also cultivates avocados and keeps honey bees to diversify his revenue. Musa and Mustefa also operate a seed production business, selling seeds to the local government seed banks.

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